10 Easy Steps to Going Green

With all of the recent changes in the environment, we often find ourselves asking what we can do to change our lifestyle to be more “Earth Friendly.”

Use the next ten environment friendly tips as encouragement toward your strive to a more green lifestyle!
·         Start at the office– Set a meeting with some of your colleagues who share the same “go green” attitude as you. While ensuring recycling is in place is an obvious change, you can discuss other strategies such as improving lighting and HVAC systems, replacing items in the kitchen that are disposable, installing a bike rack to encourage less car riding to work.  For more ideas, go towww.greenyour.com/office .
·    Use Local Shops– Think of the packaging material and shipping method and the impact on our environment it may have on our environment. Though it may save a few bucks to buy from a place faraway, think of the impact you could have by just walking to a store to buy your products by not only saving energy but also supporting community businesses.
·    Start Small- And Go Big – Basic changes will get you on the right foot, switch to CFL light bulbs, fix water leaks, turn lights and water off when you aren’t using them etc.
·    Conduct an Audit– Figure out exactly how much energy is being wasted at your house. This could potentially save you money in the future, take the auditors suggestions and make changes. You can find an available auditor here:www.resnet.us/trade/find-raters-auditors
·    Leave the Car- Be aware of you schedule and try to use public transportation, car pool or walk to work and other activities once or twice a week.
·    Consider Local Providers- Consider shopping at Farmers’ Markets for your produce. When holidays or birthdays roll around, think about purchasing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership as a gift and why not get one for yourself too?http://www.localharvest.com/.
·    Share what you Know- Offer your knowledge to all who will listen. Prepare a presentation to share with your colleagues on changes you can make as a company to be more environmentally friendly. Don’t hesitate to offer yourself to organize and environmental event at your children’s school or extra-curricular activities.
·    Get Involved-Participation not only raises your profile but also helps to connect you with prospective clients. Your efforts can directly impact improving your community.
·    Continue Learning- If you are still a little of different programs such as LEED and Energy Star, do research on them. Designate a set amount of time per week to learning all there is to know about these fast paced programs and trends. A great source for education is Green Resource Council’s Webinars. This is a fabulous benefit to NAR Green Designees. All Webinars are archived athttp://greenresourcecouncil.org/webinars.cfm
·    Refer a Friend- Encourage others to get green education. Find out how much your friends may have benefitted by earning NAR’s Green Designation. Right now, a discount it being offered for an online Core Course and Residential elective. You can save nearly $100 off!

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