4 Quick Tips On Moving in For Less

We have all been there, you move into your new home and instantly find yourself completely overwhelmed by the need to unpack, hang pictures, repair shaky furniture etc. but not only has your energy escaped you, your wallet is feeling a little less full as well. Here are five tips under $5 to help get your started!


Hanging Pictures-

  • Not only does it look like your 5 year old scribbled all over the walls with a pencil but the picture you’ve tried to hang for what feels like an eternity now, is still not centered and there are a couple holes showing just how long you have been standing trying to hang this picture. Before you give up and leave your picture lopsided, try Ook Shield Hangers for $4.98. No pencils needed. With a rubber adhesive back you are able to hang and adjust before inserting the nail into the wall and without the scribbles or extra, unnecessary holes!
Scrape away! 
  • Now, your 5 year old really has gotten a hold of something, stickers! There is a wall full, dresser full, appliance full of stickers that need to be removed before someone thinks you have redecorated your home. Before you reach for a metal razor to begin scraping away, try ScrapeRite blades. They are only $2.99 for a 5-pack. These specific blades are made of flexible plastic to ensure no damage is done to the surface you are scraping. http://www.scraperite.com
Wobble Wooble-
  • There is nothing more annoying around the house than a wobbly piece of furniture. Before you go to work building something to even that shaky table out, try Wobble Wedges. They are $2.99 for a 6-pack and are what plumbers often use to even out wobbly toilets. They are the size of a matchbook, vinyl and can hold up to 500 lbs.
All Dried Up-
  • So you are ready to touch up the caulking in the bathroom an go to grab one of the 4 tubes of caulk you have only to find not one of them is useful because they have dried up. Most people will put a nail in the top of the tube which will keep it fresh for a good week but in order to extend that time frame, try Little Red Cap covers. A 35-pack is only $4.89. This product can also be used on glue and other items you would like to keep from leaking.
You can view this full article as well as several others through “This Old House” magazine.

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