Home Inspection Mess Up- Now What?

A very important part of the home buying process is the home inspection. In some rare cases, it is possible for home inspectors to miss a potential problem with the home of interest. So, the question is, what to do when something has been missed and you’ve already moved.

In one instance, a couple bought a home where the home inspector missed leaks throughout the home. There were clear indications of leaks such as, stains on the walls underneath the room which had the leaking issue. When the inspector was asked about the leak, the curious home buyers were told it “wasn’t a problem.” The home had been vacant for quite some time so the stains were completely dry but the problem was, the stains were not mentioned in the report and the water wasn’t even run to check for a current leak. Once the couple moved into their new home, the walls were soaked after showers indicating there was indeed current leak issues. After speaking with the inspector on the case they were told it was not his responsibility to check for ongoing leaks leaving them to take care of the unexpected repairs themselves. Here are some key problems in this case and things to consider during your inspection:
  • The inspector on this case had a specific point of concern pointed out to him by the potential buyers of the home therefore should have, without hesitation taken care of checking for a current leak in the said room. If he was not comfortable checking for leaks, a comment should have been stated in the report along the lines of, “recommend a plumber’s inspection.” It is unacceptable for a specific issue to be pointed out and not to be inspected.
  • In all home inspections plumbing is a part of the normal procedure. Checking running water, showers, sinks etc. If this is something you do not see done in your inspection, request it to be completed.
In any case, it is possible for small things to be missed in the home inspection by even the most experienced inspector but if something huge as in this case has happened, it is important to make the inspector take responsibility for their failure in the process. In the meantime, a recommendation would be to hire a different home inspector to take a second look through. With such a careless first inspection it is very possible other defects could be found.
This is just one example of an inspection gone wrong. If you have had any issues with home inspections, this example may apply to your situation as well.
To read the original article click here.

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