Turning a House into a Home

Many non-profit agencies offer classes for first time home buyers. These classes will answer all of your questions, work to better inform you, and build your confidence in the realm of finance and home buying. Look for local agencies in your community that offer these classes. Once you are educated on the ins and outs of home buying, you can focus on turning your house into a home. Here are three steps to help you get started in your search and in your new home:

  1. Figure out your finances. How much “home” can you afford? To determine this, look at your current monthly payments, cars, student loans, credit cards, etc. This will help you narrow your housing search down to homes that you can definitely afford.
  2. What home type do you need? Will you want to grow into this home and raise a family here? Is this only temporary? Are you up for a fixer-upper? Or do you want something ready to move into today? Once you determine the kind of home you want, get with your realtor and let them take some of the load off of you. Realtors can help with your search and pre-screen houses for you.
  3. Choose financial partners and a loan option that won’t drag you down. Remember, settle for something you can afford, find someone to help you manage your finances, and start making a home for yourself.

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