Seven Tips for Creating a Beautiful and Unique Outdoor Area

Whether you are looking to add an edge to your home because you are trying to sell, or you just want a better outdoor space, these 7 tips will help you transform your backyard into a unique, vacation-like paradise!

  1. Harness your unique style. Don’t go for a “cookie-cutter” backyard. Instead, find something that really reflects your style and tastes. It’s also a good idea to find a way to link designs inside and outside.
  2. Turn it into a vacation area: Gas prices and plane ticket prices are only going up right now, so more people are finding ways to “vacation” at home. Make your backyard the epitome of relaxation and entertainment by adding resort-like features, such as a pool with a swim up bar, an outdoor TV, and a nice firepit.
  3. Section off multiple spaces. When large groups of people get together, they usually tend to divide into a few different groups, so integrate this knowledge in the design of your yard. Try to divide your yard into a few different areas such as pool, garden, lawn, patio.
  4. Create a focal point or two. There should always be at least one thing that stands out in your yard, and it should be just as functional as it is visually appealing. The options are limitless, so whether you want to make your focal point the pool, the fire pit, a sculpture, or a tree, go for it!
  5.  Opposites attract. Adding fire and water to your yard adds visual appeal, as well as seasonal functionality.
  6. Add color and texture. Various types of plants can help you add more color to your yard, and splurging a bit on some new, textured patio furniture may be just the way to enhance your outdoor experience.
  7. Reuse and recycle. Instead of using stone or brick for all of your outdoor designs, consider using unique materials such seashells, wine bottles, or crushed glass. This will add more texture to your outdoor area, and it will help reinforce your unique sense of style!

Click here to view the full article on HGTV’s website.


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