Negotiation Tips for Buyers

So, you’ve found the home of your dreams, but the price is a little too high. What do you do? How do you successfully negotiate a price change and your offer?

Here are some helpful tips on how to negotiate your offer as a buyer:

  1. Know your seller’s motivation-why are they selling? If they need to sell quickly because they have already purchased another property, or they have to move for a job, they will most likely be more willing to negotiate on the price.
  2. Sometimes a seller asks for too high of a price on their home (accidentally or purposefully). Check out the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to see what other comparable homes sold for in the area, and if this seller’s asking price is reasonable
  3. Avoid making a “low-ball” offer. When you present an offer that is way lower than the seller’s asking price and/or unreasonably low, you can turn the seller off from your offer and he or she may not want to negotiate with you at all.

To read the original article from Inman News, click here.


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