Highlight – University Heights


Located in Cuyahoga County, University Heights, is a beautiful community ideal for raising your family and building relationships with neighbors. With its rich history, budding population and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The exclusive area not only offers you a close proximity to the developing Cleveland area, but a very peaceful sense of community you won’t find anywhere else.



University Heights is still a young city, which only became more well-known in the past 70 years. In 1940 University Heights was beginning to be recognized as a city with Jon Carroll University attracting massive amounts of growth to the area. Although it shares a school system, library system, post office and zip code, some city services, and local media outlets, with the larger Cleveland Heights, University Heights has successfully made a name for itself throughout the past few years.



The population as of the 2010 Census was nearly 14,000 individuals, with just under 7,500 per square mile. Many of the individuals living in the area commute from larger cities to their beautiful homes in the tight knit community. The average income for households in the area is around $72,519 and nearly 50% of people living in the area are married couples living together. The demographics are living proof that the area is on the younger side and becoming a beautiful location where people go to raise their children.


Life in University Heights

University Heights is not only a beautiful place to raise a family, but it is a wonderful place to call home. If you work in a larger city, this tight knit community will help you wind down every night, and allow you to spend a stress-free weekend with your friends and family. It is known as “The City of Beautiful Homes,” and it is that and more.


University Heights, Ohio, is a beautiful place to live and raise your family. The area offers you the benefits of a big city with the closeness of a wonderful community. Whether you’re starting your family or empty-nesters looking for a home your future grandkids can spend time at, University Heights is perfect for you. To learn more about the beautiful area of University Heights, visit here.


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