7 Signs It’s Time To Relocate

7 Signs It’s Time To Relocate - Monica Graham1

7 Signs It’s Time To Relocate – Making the choice to move can often be stressful and overwhelming. You may still enjoy your home but the community might not be the best for you any longer. Here are some signs to help you decide if now’s the time for you to relocate.

  1. You don’t have enough space – A small home may have been prefect and cozy at one point, but now it may just be cramped and annoying. As your family grows it becomes time to consider packing up to a new home with space for everyone.
  2. You have become an empty nester – Now that kids are growing up and moving out all of those rooms may just be too much. Consider downsizing, it will help save you money as well!
  3. You begin to dream about remodeling everything – Things that once seemed cute and quirky about your home have now become outdated and bothersome. While it may be fun to consider remodeling everything, this is not always the way to go. Remodels can mean a disaster area for your home for months and also prove to be very costly. If you are unhappy with that much then it may be time to consider relocating.
  4. You can afford to move – In some cases this may even be can you afford not to move? Moving may be the more financially savvy way to go than staying in your current home. If you have the means to move and you want to, go for it!
  5. You spend more time commuting than you actually do at home – You have finally landed the perfect job, but it is nowhere close to home. When you have to spend more time driving than actually enjoying your home you may want to consider moving closer to your job.
  6. You complain about the city you live in – Of course everyone complains about their city at some point, but if you are constantly miserable in your town it may be time to get out. Whether it is horrible weather, bad schools, or high taxes, if something is making you hate your city head to one that you can love.
  7. There is somewhere you have always wanted to live – For many of us in the Midwest we constantly dream of living somewhere south. If you have a city or state in mind that you have truly always wanted to live in it could be a great time to take the leap and relocate.

Relocating could be the best option when considering your next move. Are you thinking about relocating? Do you currently experience any of these signs in your current home and community? Comment to share with us.


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