5 DIY Backyard Projects

5 DIY Backyard Projects - Monica Graham1

5 DIY Backyard Projects – The weather is still warm which means now is the perfect time to start a backyard DIY project! You don’t need a lot of time or money to complete these fun DIY projects. Check out our favorite backyard updates that you can do below:

  1. Backyard theatre – For under $10, you can create a projection screen theatre in your backyard! By using a white bed sheet for the screen, this is an inexpensive way to spend a fun summer evening.
  2. Mason jar outdoor lights – Does your backyard need some mood lighting? Try using old jars and some candles or LED lights to set the mood for your backyard!
  3. Small fire pit – With just a concrete bowl, stones and Sterno containers, you can create a unique addition to any backyard that can be used into fall.
  4. Wine box garden – Do you want a garden but don’t have the room in your yard? A wine box garden is the perfect solution! Use wine boxes as the bed for your garden to create a useful and attractive piece for your backyard.
  5. Buried pot landscaping – This is a fun way to update your backyards landscape! Plant your garden’s items in the pots, and then bury them in the beds. The pots keep everything in place and look great!

By trying one of these DIY updates, your backyard will be looking amazing! What do you think of these DIY’s? Do you have any to share? Comment to share with us!



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