5 Cheap & Easy Backyard Updates For Your Home

5 Cheap & Easy Backyard Updates For Your Home - Monica Graham1

5 Cheap & Easy Backyard Updates For Your Home – With the weather just now starting to become warm, now is the perfect time to update your backyard! From painting to adding some new outdoor pieces, updating your yard doesn’t require a ton of money or time! We’ve gathered our favorite updates for an amazing backyard, check them out below:

  1. Painting your existing outdoor furniture –  With fresh coat of paint and a little work, your existing patio furniture can look brand new again! Don’t have any outdoor furniture? Find some inexpensive plastic chairs or folding chairs and update them with spray paint specifically made for plastic. It comes in a rainbow of colors to suite your taste.
  2. Mulch your yard – This might sound obvious, but updating your mulching can really make a difference in the appearance of your yard. It’s a relatively inexpensive update that has lasting effects of preventing weeds and providing nutrients to your plants!
  3. Accessorize your chairs – Are your patio chairs looking plain? Update them with fun and decorative cushions that are available for less than $40 at many retailers.
  4. Stain your concrete – Many people have patios made of concrete that can be easily update with either paint or laying slate! Staining your concrete patio is the least expensive route and can add a whole new, warmer feeling to your patio!
  5. Add a trellis – Inexpensive to make or buy, a trellis can add a beautiful focal piece for your yard or garden. Add a flowering vine plant to either side, and you’ve got a gorgeous piece for your yard!

Make sure to try one of these updates on your yard this month! What do you think of these updates? Would you try any? Do you have any projects to share? Comment to share with us!


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