Highlight – Fernway!

Highlight - Fernway

Highlight – Fernway


Fernway is a beautiful neighborhood, located within the city of Shaker Heights, Ohio. It has a lot to offer to people who are interested in starting or growing a family. With it’s great location and close proximity to a larger city, you really feel like you’re living in a community within a city. It is served by a fantastic school district, whose high school is ranked in the top 2% of US high schools in Newsweek’s annual ratings. There are a variety of home available for purchase in the area – who knows, you might find the home of your dreams! Whether you’re new to the area, or have lived in Shaker Heights, Fernway is definitely worth checking out.




Living in Fernway is like living in a small town, within a larger town. It has a great location and is within walking distance to a number of shops and restaurants, RTA, Shaker Community Building, Main Library, the Duck Pond and Green Lake. It is also in close proximity to both ends of the Chagrin corridor with Shaker Town Center on one side and Van Aken-Warrensville on the other.


Education System


The Fernway neighborhood is served by the Shaker Heights City School District. There are six elementary schools (Fernway elementary school is primarily used by residents here), one middle school and one high school in the area. The school district is known for its academic excellence and commitment to diversity. It is consistently ranked  among the  top Ohio schools with National Merit, National Achievement, and Advanced Placement Scholars.


Available Homes


There are a plethora of available homes in the area, for people who are looking to start or grow their family. No matter what you’re looking for, you will have no trouble finding something that fits your needs. This home, is a great staple in the area. It has four bedrooms, 2.5 baths and is slightly more than 3,061 square feet.


Fernway is a beautiful neighborhood to live and raise a family in. From it’s great location to school district offerings, to home availability, you can’t go wrong. To learn more about Fernway, visit here.


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