5 Fun Trick- or -Treat Ideas 2014


5 Fun Trick – or Treat Ideas 2014 – Halloween is almost here! Have you been hunting for the perfect carriers for your kid’s candy while trick-or-treating? We’ve gathered our favorite DIY’s for Halloween bags below, check them out:

1. Cereal Box Stencil Bags – With only a cereal box, fabric tote and fabric glue, you can make the perfect Halloween bag that your kids will love to design and decorate!

2. Freaky Frankenstein Bag – This DIY also involves a cereal box. Wrap green tissue paper around the box and attach a fabric handle. Decorate Frankenstein’s face by gluing black fabric for the hair or cutting construction paper for the eyes.

3. Personalized trick-or-treat buckets – Who would think to use an ice cream bucket for a Halloween bag? This easy DIY uses an empty ice cream bucket wrapped in felt and then either fabric glue or stamps to personalize the bucket with your children’s names.

4. Spooky Ghost Bag – Create an adorable Halloween bag by using a white garbage bag tucked into a white gift bag. Add a fabric strap and cut out the eyes and mouth out of black tape to complete the spooky ghost’s look!

5. Monster Treat Bags – Turn your average brown paper lunch bag into a creepy Halloween monster. Paint the bags first in the monster color of your choice and finish with gluing your cutouts for the monster’s eyes, mouth and face.


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