5 Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Pool

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5 Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Pool – As we prepare our homes and cars for the winter, it’s key to get your pool ready for inclement weather as well. It may sound like a difficult task, but winterizing your pool doesn’t have to be challening; in fact, with just a few simple steps you can protect your pool from the elements yourself! We’ve rounded up some top tips to provide your pool with protection against snow, ice and everything else this winter. Take a look and get started!

5 Tips for Winterizing Your Pool

  • Don’t drain the water. You’d think that you would need to get rid of the water to prevent having a pool full of ice, but there’s a reason to leave the water in your pool this winter. Draining all of the water risks the hydrostatic pressure popping out of the ground or floating a liner. Freezing water in your pool won’t damage it; draining it may.
  • Be careful as to what chemicals you use. The water in your pool shouldn’t just sit; it should be chemically treated the same as if you were going to be swimming in it, and you should put some antifreeze into the plumbing lines after you blow the water out.
  • Close before the first snow. This way no snow, rain or runoff will affect your pool or the quality of the water. Most professionals recommend closing your pool no later than the end of October.
  • Buy a quality cover. Just like you need a good-quality winter coat, so does your pool. Invest in a cover that’s in good condition, and have an automatic pump to remove any water from its surface.
  • When in doubt, hire a professional. New to winterizing a pool? It could be best to call in a professional qualified in cleaning and winterizing pools for your first winter. That way you have no doubt the job was done right, and the contractor can show you how to do so yourself.

Do you have a pool? What do you think of these tips? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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