10 New Uses for Old Furniture


10 New Uses for Old Furniture- Whether you’re moving into a new home, or looking to spruce up your existing home, buying new furniture can be on the expensive side. On one hand, you don’t want to be wasteful by throwing out your old furniture, but on the other hand you might just want something new to look at every day. Here are ten new uses for old furniture.

Old Shutters

If you have any plain walls in your home, get some old shutters and paint them  a different color than your wall. Use the shutters as a backdrop for picture frames or other hanging knick-knacks.

Wallpaper Bookshelf

Spice up your existing bookshelf by painting it a bright color – white is also a valid option – and add colorful wallpaper as a backdrop. It will look like an entirely new piece of furniture!

Old Door

Although it’s not necessarily a piece of furniture, use an old door to make your own table. Take it out to the back yard and stain and seal the door, add legs to the bottom and voila – you have a new table!

Redone Dresser

If you have an old dresser you don’t use, paint it a fun color and add to the kids’ playroom to hold their toys. Not only will it add color to the room, but it will hide the mess and give everything a place to be stored.

Milk Crates

Old milk crates make excellent book shelves for a vintage/old school vibe. Add them to the kids room or your home office to hold books and other belongings.

Antique Bookcase as a Bar

Take that old bookcase stored in your basement and use it as a wet bar in your home. Use the shelf space to stock up on your favorite adult beverages and glassware.

Dresser Drawers

Utilize drawers from an old dresser to keep under-bed storage neat and organizer.

Wallpaper Table

If you have a regular old table in your kitchen or around your house, consider vamping it up with some wallpaper and using it as a desk in the study. Instead of a plain old wooden table, you’ll have a focal point for the whole room.

Old Frame with an Old Table

Take an old frame and glue it down on top of a table of the same length and width. It will add an added flair to an otherwise boring piece of furniture.

Stacked Suitcases

Stack up old vintage suitcases and use them as a nightstand next to your bed. As an added bonus, you can store extra blankets, pillows or linens.

For more new and innovative ways to use old furniture, visit here.


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