9 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather


9 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather – There are so many fun things that come with the winter weather: snow, skiing, building a snowman, snow days, hot chocolate and getting cozy by the fireplace. However, some things aren’t as exciting: ice damming, slippery roads, freezing temperatures, plowing and more. Preparing for the cold weather by making sure you have the right jacket, gloves, hat, scarf and boots is normal. Have you ever thought about how to keep you car in tip top shape during the winter months?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your car for the winter…

  1. Check The Battery – A common problem for most during the winter is having a car battery die due to cold weather. Make sure yours is in good shape before you end up with a dead battery.
  2. Check Your Wipers – Nothings worse than trying to thaw your windshield and you turn your wipers on and nothing happens OR it just smears the ice and melted snow everywhere. Check your wipers and make sure you are ready for the season.
  3. Oil Change – Stay on top of this and make sure you stick to the guidelines and recommendations for your vehicle.
  4. Check Up – If you need a tune up or any maintenance on your car, do so before the winter months are in full swing. Winter weather can magnify these issues.
  5. Brakes – With slippery roads, you want to make sure your brakes are in good shape.
  6. Exhaust System – Check for carbon monoxide leaks especially in the winter when we typically drive with the windows up.
  7. Headlights – Make sure your headlights and brake lights are working at all times.
  8. Tread – Check the tread on your tires especially when driving in snowy, icy areas.
  9. Tire Pressure – Cold weather can sometimes change the tire pressure. Check this often with the temperature dips and rises.

Follow this checklist from Carcare.org and you will be more prepared for the winter weather ahead. What do you do in the winter to get your car ready?



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