Tips to Get Important Documents Organized

3.10_BMonicaGrahamTips to Get Important Documents Organized – We all have that “OH NO” moment when we realize we can’t find an important document that we need right at the moment. Keep reading to find out how to get those important documents organized so you don’t have those “OH NO” moments anymore.

Keeping it Safe

Putting all the difficult-to-replace documents, such as birthday certificates and passports, in a fireproof box is the first step to organizing your documents. Including a list of accounts, emergency contacts, and inventory of household valuables wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Keep vs. Toss

Creating a receipt safekeep by tucking all sales slips into a folder or box. When it gets too full, sort through them and stow the essentials in your filing cabinet. Investing in a shredder before throwing out the “unimportant” receipts would be a wise decision as well.

Cover Yourself

Storing long-term keepers, such as tax returns, in sturdy expandable folders inside plastic bins is the best way to keep these in order.


File It Away

Set up a household filing cabinet so you can keep important papers, maybe some that aren’t active, but you would like to keep for future reference. Create labels and take the time to sort documents into the appropriate sections.


Just Drop It

Reuse such things as a vintage toast rack for use as an in-box on an entry table. Use the slots to sort ingoing or outgoing mail, even stamps!



Were these tips helpful for organizing your important documents? Let us know in the comments below!


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