Tips For Staging Your Home Like A Pro

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Tips For Staging Your Home Like A Pro – If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, then you probably know just how important staging is to the home buying/selling process. A staged home is clean, free of clutter, bright, open, and welcoming. A home that hasn’t been staged is usually cluttered, messy, full of personal items, and not appealing for home buyers. While it is necessary to stage your home before you sell it, you don’t have to hire a professional to do it. Here are some great DIY tips for staging your home like a pro and getting it ready to sell.

Neutral Colors

Vibrant pink walls may have been exactly what your 5 year old daughter wanted for her bedroom, but you can’t count on a buyer wanting that bright color to stay. What seems fun and bright to you can translate to a chore for your buyer when they think about how they might want to repaint that room. Neutral colors are easier to paint over than lime green or deep purple, and they cater to a wider range of buyers, so consider repainting those bright rooms a nice, neutral color before showing or listing your home.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the way your home looks from the outside. Stand outside your home, on the sidewalk preferably, and check out your yard, garage, driveway, and the front of your home. How does it look? If there are toys laying in the yard, tools laying in the driveway, the paint is chipping on your door, or it’s just generally drab, it’s time to enhance your curb appeal. An easy way to do this is to add some vibrant flowers or plants around your front door and to clean up the yard (pick up toys, mow and water the grass).

Reduce Clutter

You might have great over-sized furniture that’s great for getting comfy with a book on a rainy day, but if it’s taking up your whole living room it’s going to make your home look way too crowded. Reducing clutter means picking up toys, shoes, clothes, mail, and anything that’s just laying around in the way, but it also means getting rid of big furniture that’s taking up too much room in your home. You want to keep it simple and clean, and give home buyers enough room to move around, so consider storing some of your larger furniture pieces that don’t get used every day so you can really open up the space inside your home.

Get Rid of Personal Items

The trinkets and gallery wall filled with photos of family members is what makes your home your own. They’re great to have when you’re living somewhere, but when you’re considering selling your home, those personal items could very well make it more difficult for a buyer to picture themselves in your home. Again, try to stick to neutral pieces that will allow the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.

Organize Closets

Don’t think that potential buyers won’t check out what’s in your closets – they most certainly will. Buyers are going to want to see how much closet space your home has, so make sure you don’t have items piled up or hidden away in there, which can make a closet seem very small; try to organize your closet to maximize space so buyers can get excited about all the room they’ll have for their own things.

Brighten Up the Space

Buyers need to be able to see your home if they’re going to seriously consider buying it, so pull back the blinds and curtains to let natural light in where possible, and for places without windows, invest in some lamps to brighten up the area.

For more information on tips to help you stage your home like a professional, visit here.


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