10 Cider And Drink Recipes For The Holidays

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10 Cider and Drink Recipes For The Holidays – While you’re getting together with family and friends this holiday season, bring something new to the mix: a delicious drink that everyone will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for something for every age, or just for the 21+ crowd, you have plenty of options. Here are ten cider and drink recipes for this holiday season.


Spiced Apple Cider

This non-alcoholic treat is perfect on a chilly winter evening. You can also prepare it and bring it to your next family gathering for everyone to enjoy.


Bourbon and Dark Rum Eggnog

For your next adults-only gathering, whip up this eggnog and everyone will be impressed with your beverage-making skills.


Ultra-Rich Hot Chocolate

This fresh take on classic hot chocolate will be your go-to recipe this holiday season. Made better with as many mini marshmallows as you can fit into your mug.


Four Spirits

Cognac, dark rum, brandy and applejack, plus a few additional ingredients are all you need to make the beverage that everyone will be talking about until next year.


Frothy Eggnog

Treat your kids to this delicious eggnog on their first snow day of the season.


Candy Cane Cocktail

This festive treat is not only easy to make, but it is incredibly delicious.


Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte

For a delicious pick-me-up with all the tastes of the season, make this incredible latte.


Gingerbread Martini

While this may be one of the more complex drink to prepare, it is well worth it for your next holiday gathering!


Christmas Wassail

This sweet treat will warm everyone up throughout this cold, holiday season.


Holiday Mimosa

For a holiday spin on your favorite brunch treat, make this tasty Holiday Mimosa.


For more delicious holiday cider and drink recipes, visit here.


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